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By Josh Tyler 2011-05-01 20:18:04discussion comments
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Bridesmaids is headed into theaters in two weeks and it deserves to be a hit. The trailers, which are mostly funny, have probably led you to believe that this is some sort of Kristen Wiig, all-girl version of The Hangover, but the truth about Bridesmaids is that itís so much more. Itís not a party movie, itís not even really just a comedy, though thereís plenty of partying and a whole lot of funny. Look for my in-depth review of the film this week, but what you need to know for now is that itís good. Really good.

The seven clips from Bridesmaids youíre about to watch, each in their own way, embody most of the best things about this Paul Feig directed film. Since Iíve seen it though, Iím not sure how weíll theyíll really work out of context, or if youíll really get just how great this movie is from watching them. Included is the start of the soon to be infamous bridal shop scene, which is on its own worth your time. Watch:

Did any of that get the point across? Let me know if the above footage got you as excited about Bridesmaids as you need to be, in the comments below.
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