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By Josh Tyler 2011-03-28 14:45:45discussion comments
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Your Highness looks hilarious, but itís also pretty high-concept for a comedy. Iíve been waiting, expecting, that at some point our comments will be deluged with people complaining about the bad British accents in the trailer, unaware that the awkward style is all part of the joke. That hasnít happened, and I donít know if thatís because Your Highness is just that good, or because our readers are a little smarter than the average Danny McBride character. Iíd like to think it's a little of both.

Letís put this phenomenon to the test, with seven Your Highness clips in which youíll see more hilariously bad British accents and tons of Danny McBride pomposity, but wonít see Natalie Portmanís butt. For that, youíll have to rewatch the movieís genius red band trailer.

Whatís the verdict? The more I see of it, the more this movie feels like a mix of Monty Python, Krod Mandoon and modern day stoner comedies. McBrideís squire is basically Terry Gilliamís ďPatsyĒ in Holy Grail, isnít he? Give that kid some coconuts. Let us know if youíre still excited about Your Highness in the comments section below. I am.
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