Watch 8 Minutes Of X-Men: First Class And See Emma Frost In Slutty Lingerie

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-26 23:18:07discussion comments
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Most of what weíve seen from X-Men: First Class so far has been talking, but that ends right now. Letís get down to the business of blowing things up, pulling them out of the water, and bamfing people death. We have clips from X-Men: First Class, nearly eight minutes all told, some of it new, some of it old, a lot of it featuring mutants doing all the special effects stuff youíre dying to see when you show up at the theater. It looks like X-director Matthew Vaughn has delivered.

Check out all the clips below. Iíve put the newest ones first, and include all the others weíve seen so further down. Once youíre through, stick around at the bottom of this page for new X-Men: First Class images featuring of all things, Emma Frost in her underwear. Hey itís summer blockbuster seasons, this is no time for subtlety, apparently.

And as promised, hereís January Jones as Emma Frost, traipsing around in slutty lingerie. These are just two of the new images added to our complete X-Men: First Class image gallery. Click on them for high-res versions there.

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