Watch A Complete Iron Man 2 Scene!

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-03 14:02:25discussion comments
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After a big week full of great Iron Man 2 content, Marvel has capped it off with the first ever, complete Iron Man 2 scene released on the internet. The clip, released on Apple gives us a full two-minutes of Iron Man action. Itís the scene youíve seen snippets of in all the trailers, in which Tony suits up and drops into his own party.

Thereís a lot to love here. Pay attention in particular to what happens as Iron Man rockets down towards the stadium. Youíll see him get hit as if heís under fire. Was that an enemy attack? Nope. Tony Stark just got hit by one of his own fireworks.

Watch the wickedly cool, first every clip from Iron Man 2 below or in glorious HD on Apple.

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