Watch All The Films Nominated For The Best Animated Short Oscar

By Nick Venable 2013-02-11 05:56:00discussion comments
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And now for something completely delicious. PES, real name Adam Pesapane, presents the shortest short ever nominated for an Academy Award, Fresh Guacamole, and youíll be all the more rewarded for knowing nothing about it beyond the fact that the animatorís inspiration was thinking a grenade looks like an avocado.

The animation in Minkyu Leeís Adam and Dog, a combination of animation over painted backdrops, is positively breathtaking. Essentially, itís a meeting and subsequent friendship between a scrappy dog and Adam, whose nudity and the fact that heís the only human around (for a while) donít leave too much to the imagination as far as the setting. Itís simple, effective and moving.

And last, but not least is David Silvermanís The Longest Daycare, starring none other than Maggie Simpson and Gerald Samson, that damned baby with the unibrow. For his short, Silverman went back to a Golden Age himself, back to great Simpsons sight gags and movie references.

Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments and find out who wins on February 24!

(Thanks to Bleeding Cool for tipping us off to these)
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