Watch David Tennant's Fright Night Comic Con Footage

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-23 13:18:39discussion comments
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Hereís more evidence that David Tennant is completely awesome. Yesterday at Comic Con audiences were shown an extended clip from his new movie Fright Night, and now that clip is online complete with a fully awesome little introduction by Tennant. For fans of Doctor Who (and if you arenít one, shame on you) itís kind of like watching the Doctor introduce his new movie. Sorry David, youíll always be the man in the Tardis.

Tennant plays a magician named Peter Vincent in Fright Night and he becomes involved in vampire killing when Anton Yelchin approaches him looking for information on how to kill blood-sucking immortals. Check out the full, Comic Con clip from Fright Night embedded below.

As long as youíre here and clicking play on things, hereís another clip from the movie which in addition to Tennant and Yelchin stars McLovin (sorry Chris, youíre as McLovin as Tennant is the Doctor), and Colin Farrell as the vampire who recently moved in next door.

For more on the movie visit our Fright Night page in the Blend Film Database.
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