Watch Kevin Smith At Work Directing Cop Out

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-24 03:08:44discussion comments
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Watch Kevin Smith At Work Directing Cop Out image
Iím endlessly fascinated by the way things work on a movie set but personally uncomfortable with the moral and ethical compromises it seems bloggers and journalists must make in order to earn those insider set visits youíve probably seen so frequently on other sites. That means that even though I do this for a living, much like all of you Iím going to spend my life as an outsider looking in. Thatís fine by me when thereís footage like this.

Warner Brothers has released nearly thirty minutes of behind the scenes B-Roll footage from Cop Out showing Kevin Smith, his cast, and his crew at work on the set of their film making Hollywood magic happen. Itís a great way to gain insight into just how some of these scenes happen. Find out whatís going on outside the frame during Bruce Willisís dinner sequence, or what Kevin Smithís like between takes, simply by watching the random, in-depth footage below. Itís a full-featured set visit right at your fingertip.

As for Cop Out, I saw it tonight. Watch for my review later this week.
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