Watch Ryan Reynolds Battle Parallax In 8 Minutes Of Green Lantern Footage

By Josh Tyler 2011-06-07 01:40:18discussion comments
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Some of you have already tuned out on Green Lantern, turned off by all that CGI in the outer space sequences, assuming this is just some silly kids movie. But with every new piece of footage we get from the film, this thing just keeps looking better and better. Me? Iím all in.

These eight clips from the movie may be the best stuff weíve seen from it yet. The footage embedded below spans the length and breadth of the movie, showing small snippets from Hal Jordanís beginnings as a test pilot right up until what appears to be a massive, city street battle between Green Lantern and the movieís giant, yellow, cloud-like villain Parallax. In its best moments, these clips remind me of the best moments of Superman II. Especially the street fight in the final clip, for whatever reason, I just see Superman and Zod, trading punches and flinging cars at each other while the streets crack around them. Green Lantern is a must see, if itís even half that good.

Check out eight minutes of Green Lantern, right here, right now.

What did you think? Are you sold on Green Lantern? Let us know by speaking the oath in the comments section below.
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