Watch Sofia Coppola's Sexy Dior Commercial With Natalie Portman

By Josh Tyler 2011-02-22 00:10:33discussion comments
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Watch Sofia Coppola's Sexy Dior Commercial With Natalie Portman image
Quite a long time ago director Sofia Coppola and Natalie Portman got together in Paris to film a Coppola styled commercial for a perfume called Miss Dior Cherie! That commercial has finally showed up online.

When we first heard about it there was a lot of talk involving Natalie Portman stripping for the spot but, thatís not really true. Youíll see her vaguely beginning to remove a few clothes, but it doesnít really go anywhere. Actually whatís most striking about it is how utterly suited Sofia Coppolaís style is to perfume commercials. I donít mean that as an insult, I love Lost in Translation like I love the Vulcan neck pinch and dogs with floppy ears, but seriously, this feels exactly like a perfume ad. Maybe it was too much to hope for it to somehow turn into Hotel Chevalier. Hereís the spot:

It's very much a perfume commercial, but it's also pretty effective. I suddenly want to douse myself in overpriced water. Or that may just be my Natalie Portman obsession talking, and could have nothing at all to do with Coppola's work on the commercial.

Just for the heck of it, as long as youíre here, letís revisit Hotel Chevalier. Itís a short film directed by Wes Anderson and shown in front of Darjeeling Limited back in 2007. Unfortunately for Darjeeling, it was actually much better than the film it fronted. Itís also better than Coppolaís perfume ad, showing a different kind of Natalie Portman cavorting in a Paris hotel room. Now that sheís pregnant, itís unlikely weíll see her like this again, any time soon. Enjoy:

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