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By Josh Tyler 2011-03-30 16:26:54discussion comments
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Maybe you read all the bad reviews of Sucker Punch and then the massive outpouring of support for it from the handful of fans that followed. That probably left you pretty confused about whether itís worth your time, so hereís something to help you decide.

Warner Bros. has released the entire first five minutes of Sucker Punch online. Unfortunately, that first five minutes doesnít contain any of the robots and samurai swords and stuff you probably saw in the trailers. This is just the set up, where a girl tries to get her sister out of a bad situation, and ends up being committed to an insane asylum. Donít worry, they randomly throw in a few dragons and stuff at the end out of order, just to keep you interested.

Watch the first five minutes of Sucker Punch below or in HD at MetaCafe.

Hereís a quick warning from someone whoís seen Sucker Punch to those of you who havenít: The five minutes you just watched isnít really indicative of anything that takes place in the rest of the movie. This is pretty much the last time youíll see that grim, dark, real world. Right after this five minutes ends, Sucker Punch turns into a sex and nudity free Bordello and then the robots start. They donít stop until the filmís last two minutes. At least now you know how it gets there, sort of.
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