Watchmen Director's Cut Re-Release Details

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-24 21:12:01discussion comments
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Hey remember when we told you way back in April that Zack Snyder was planning to release a Directorís Cut of Watchmen in theater? No, well go read it here. Guess what? Still happening.

The hard working folks at Collider managed to corner Zack Snyder dig up a few more details on the theatrical re-release and confirm that yep, Watchmen: The Directorís Cut will still be in theaters this July. This time though, Snyder also gave a specific date and list of cities where itíll show up.

If youíre in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, or New York then youíll be able to see it the weekend before Comic Con, which means Watchmen: The Directorís Cut debuts on or around July 17th. If you arenít in one of those cities, youíll have only a few days to wait for the Directorís Cut Blu-Ray which goes on sale July 21st. For more info about the DVD and Blu-Ray versions, go here.

Watch Snyder talk about the Directorís Cut way back in April, when he first made the announcement, below:

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