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By Josh Tyler 2008-02-18 02:37:08discussion comments
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A clip from Spike Jonzeís movie adaptation of the classic kids book Where the Wild Things Are has been making itís way around the internet for the past couple of days. For some reason, Iíve always caught up to it a few minutes after it vanishes, but it appears to have originated on Buzznet. Iím sure Iím not the only one who's been scouring the internet for it. The book is one of those seminal experiences you have as a child, whether you read it for the first time on the floor of your local library, or sitting at the televised feet of Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow. For a lot of people, itís a pretty important part of their childhood.

Weíve seen a picture or two from the production, but till now not much more has been known about what Spike Jonze is doing with it, other than that it will take him till at least 2009 to finish it. But here at least is a clip from the film. Take a look, and Iíll see you after you watch it (assuming itís still there when you click play).

Itís hard to know exactly what to think from that. Itís strange, but then so is the book and so is Spike Jonze. You have to expect that. Itís also sweet and sad, but whether itís sweet and sad in a good way or in a sickly, overbearing way Iím not quite certain. Itís definitely more realistic than I expected. Sure, the character looks exactly like the drawings in the book and thus that means a giant, bizarre looking costume with CGI enhancements, but the place theyíre standing in looks real. It looks like the real world. Itís grounded.

We need to see a lot more of this film. As soon as there is more, weíll let you know.
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