Where The Wild Things Are Clips

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-02 22:11:21discussion comments
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I donít know how it is in your house but in mine, whenever one of those amazing Where the Wild Things Are promos comes on television, everything stops. Doesnít matter how many times weíve seen it, doesnít matter whether or not the person standing next to me has read the book, everyone is instantly locked in.

But Iíll be honest, Iíve been a little worried that maybe itís the movieís cool soundtrack which has my attention and not so much the movie itself. Wouldnít be the first time good music used in the right trailer fooled a lot of people into thinking something awful was good. Luckily, below we have 5, mostly music free clips from Where the Wild Things Are. Good news, theyíre still awesome without the music. Take a look:

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