Which Twilight Heartthrob Will Be Cast In Cold Light Of Day?

By Katey Rich 2009-11-11 09:30:56discussion comments
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Which Twilight Heartthrob Will Be Cast In Cold Light Of Day? image
Summit Entertainment has single-handedly created a cottage industry of attractive young men, from Robert Pattinson to Kellan Lutz, thanks to the sparkly-vampire phenomenon that is Twilight. So presumably they'll just have to draw up some talent from the home team to cast The Cold Light of Day, a thriller they'll be jointly financing with Intrepid Pictures.

The movie, according to THR, is about a young American trying to rescue his family after they're kidnapped in Spain, while also unraveling government secrets and his father's own dark past. Sounds like just the job for a well-coiffed Brit who can do an American accent, or maybe a teenage Native American actor with abs of steel. Then again, principal photography is apparently getting started in the spring, which sounds about the right time for filming to start on Breaking Dawn. Hey, Cam Gigandet got killed off in the first movie-- wonder if he's busy.
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