Whiplash Meets Justin Hammer In New Iron Man 2 Promo

By Katey Rich 2010-04-20 19:30:01discussion comments
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The geek audience for Iron Man 2 has been very well primed already-- we know about Whiplash and Justin Hammer and Black Widow, and dammit, we just want to see the movie already! But the masses, the people who don't know the Mark I suit from the Mark II, are the ones who will actually have the power to make Iron Man 2 another monster hit, and they still need to be educated. Enter Entertainment Tonight and their "Iron Man Mondays," which will introduce the populace at large to the wonders of Tony Stark.

But first up are Whiplash and Justin Hammer, presumably because they're the important new characters of the film. In the short clip below, we get to see the first footage of the two coming face to face, and, so far as I can remember, the most dialogue we've heard from Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer yet. So forget what I said about this one being for everyone else-- the geeks should be excited about this too. Take a look at the new footage below.

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