White Chicks 2: Tropic Thunder Payback

By Josh Tyler 2009-08-16 23:58:09discussion comments
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White Chicks 2: Tropic Thunder Payback image
District 9 was a big hit for Sony Pictures this weekend, making back its entire budget and then some, in just three days. If youíre a movie studio, making money is a good thing and odds are Sony would like more of it. So theyíre making a sequel to White Chicks.

The 2004 Wayans Brother movie cost only around $40 million to make and made more than $113 million worldwide. Sure critics, smart people, children with high IQs, well-bred dogs, and house cats of all kinds hated it. But those creatures donít really go to movies anyway, do they? And if they do theyíre all just old (especially the children) and cranky and donít know how to have fun. Thereís certainly no point in making movies for them. So why not White Chicks 2?

THR says Keenan Ivory Wayans is set to direct and write again along with his brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans. Shawn and Marlon will reprise their roles as black FBI agents pretending (rather unconvincingly) to be white women. Maybe this would be funnier if the makeup was in any way convincing. At best they look like Martians, not women, let alone white women.

Still fair is fair. Robert Downey Jr. played a black man so I guess this is payback. Itís no good whining or complaining. Really the only proper response to a White Chicks 2 is to dress Brad Pitt up as Queen Latifah and force him star in the next piece of shit Jamie Kennedy makes. Now thatís payback.
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