Who Is Daisy Ridley? Meet The Newest Star In J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Universe

By Sean O'Connell 9 months agodiscussion comments
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So many of the names were familiar. Forget Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. We knew those original stars would surface in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. We’re more fascinated by the names that caught us off guard, despite having months to plan. John Boyega turned heads in the suburban sci-fi thriller Attack the Block. Girls co-star Adam Driver will reunite with his Inside Llewyn Davis cohort Oscar Isaac for a mission in a galaxy far, far away. And Max von Sydow’s presence in the celebrated cast photo was the most welcome bombshell we could hope to receive.

One name tripped us up, though. Who is Daisy Ridley? She is occupying the couch with Harrison Ford at the Star Wars: Episode VII table read. But her name never surfaced as numerous actresses showed up for auditions at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production facilities. What has she appeared in before landing this coveted gig? And who might she be playing in Star Wars: Episode VII? We could only address the latter with wild speculation, but we dug up all the information we could find on Star Wars’ mysterious new addition, starting with:

Her Previous Credits
They are basically non-existent. In fact, as soon as the casting announcement was made, her IMDB page changed to reflect the fact that she is best known for being in Star Wars. That was fast! She previously worked on writer-director Peter Hearn’s horror film Scrawl, which reportedly is in post-production. (How happy do you think THAT dude is that he cast Daisy Ridley right before she blew up?) She appeared in a few British television programs like Mr. Selfridge (opposite Jeremy Piven), Toast of London and Youngers. And she held down a short film, Blue Season, which you can watch above. What else?

Her Vital Statistics
Daisy Ridley had a show reel – highlights of her work. But it disappeared off the Web. Seriously. We wanted to link to it. It’s gone.

Her agent is the London-based Jonathan Arun. Her profile on that site reports that she’s 5’ 7" with brown hair and hazel eyes. She had just been offered a good role in the next Inbetweeners movie, which she shot in January. Upon her casting, her agency Tweeted

The casting of Daisy Ridley fits with Abrams’ statement that he wanted to cast several unknowns. And more could be cast in the coming weeks, as Abrams has said more characters – likely female characters – will be added. But for now, the eyes of the world are on Daisy Ridley. To that end…

Her Social Media Presence
Daisy Ridley joined Twitter on the day of the casting announcement. Follow her here! How has she responded to the biggest day of her life to date?

She can’t say who she’s playing, but we can guess, right?

Her Star Wars Role
Star Wars fans already are sifting through the table-read photo the way JFK enthusiasts pored over the Zapruder film. There are in-depth theories about character allegiances based simply on where actors are sitting in the picture. When it comes to Daisy Ridley, she is perched between Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) – so clearly, she’s playing Han and Leia’s daughter. Right?

So says Twitter.

Or maybe we’re way off. But finally, instead of guessing who will be in Star Wars: Episode VII, we KNOW the cast… and now we just get to guess who some of them are playing. Progress, no?
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