Will Miller Return To Sin City In 2009?

By Rafe Telsch 2014-05-21 20:58:38discussion comments
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Will Miller Return To Sin City In 2009? image
Iíve given up hope that weíll ever see a sequel to Sin City. Itís an acceptance Iím okay with though. A second picture might detract from what the first movie managed to accomplish; make it less special, if you will. We want the only competition Sin City has to be Frank Millerís horrendous take on The Spirit, which helps remind us why Sin City was so cool in the first place.

Jamie King says hope for a sequel isnít gone though. The actress told Collider that Frank Miller has allegedly finished the sequelís script and will be ready to start shooting later this year. She also says there are lots of reasons why the sequel hasnít come to us sooner, mostly because of the success of the first one, which led to too many cooks in the kitchen.

"I think when Sin City came out it was such a big hit for the studio but the studio is frustrating," King told the site. "Sometimes studios are awesome because they have a great vision for something, but then they want to do weird things with the second one. Robert didnít want to go down that route, so weíve just be waiting till somebody knocked some sense into them, where we can do it the way we want to do it. None of the filmmakers or the actors were willing to sacrifice doing it any other way other than what we wanted to do it. Iím hoping weíll do it sometime this year. But you know how movies areÖ"

I have to say Iím not convinced, but King seems optimistic. She also says Millerís script is a mix of old and new for Sin City, which means, if it happens, weíll see some of Millerís classic comic brought to life as well as some new stories for fans of the franchise.
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