Will Smith Could Choose Magician Fantasy Over Men In Black III

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-24 01:08:33discussion comments
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Will Smith Could Choose Magician Fantasy Over Men In Black III image
Sony has been putting together a new Men in Black movie for awhile now. Theyíve even gone so far as to start casting. Josh Brolin is supposed to be involved and rumor has it that Sacha Baron Cohen and Jermaine Clement might be too. But maybe they should have locked up the only component that really matters before going forwardÖ that component being Will Smith.

Variety says Will is now stuck choosing between doing Men in Black III and a Fox fantasy-adventure movie The City that Sailed. Itís the story of a street magician separated from his young daughter. She moves to London, finds a magic wishing candle, and causes the island of Manhattan to break away from America and float to England. That sounds more like a disaster movie than a fantasy to me.

Will has done the MIB thing, itís easy to imagine that he might jump on something else given the opportunity, especially if he can only do one of them. Itís not like he needs Men in Black anymore. He started the franchise back when his career was still evolving, back when he released music videos to coincide with his various, theatrical performances. The Fresh Prince is dead and buried, maybe he should flashy thing himself and move on?

That doesnít mean will move on I suppose. If Smith says no, do they delay and hope to lure him back in, cancel the project, or turn this into some sort of horrible Dumb & Dumberer scenario. Men in Black without Will Smith just feels wrong.
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