Wolverine Is Headed To Japan

By Tim Gomez 2009-08-11 02:45:45discussion comments
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Do people even remember that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released? I definitely forgot. In fact, the studio could release the movie again, and Iím sure at least half of the people who saw it the first time would go again, convinced that they never saw it. Now thereís a way to make some money, Fox.

Well, whether or not you remember it, itís already been confirmed where the sequel of Wolverine will go. MTV reports that Jackman made it official at the Teen Choice Awards; Wolverine is going to Japan. "I won't lie to you, I have been talking to writers," Jackman stated. "I'm a big fan of the Japanese saga in the comic book." Not only that but Jackman hopes to make the Wolverine series work full-circle with X-Men, having the prequel series end where the original series begins.

Jackson also talks about the tough situations that being in a place like Japan would bring to Wolverine. "I love the idea of this kind of anarchic character, the outsider, being in this world -- I can see it aesthetically, too -- full of honor and tradition and customs and someone who's really anti-all of that, and trying to negotiate his way. The idea of the samurai, too -- and the tradition there. It's really great.Ē

The X-Men movies really need a shot of adrenalin if they plan to stay relevant in a world where movies like The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Star Wars exist. Maybe a trip to Japan will help, but something tells me that if the director of Tsotsi couldnít save the first prequel, nothing can.
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