Wonder Con: New Green Lantern Poster Unveiled

By CB 2011-04-01 16:39:10discussion comments
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Hereís your first look at the new Green Lantern poster which debuted today, hanging from the rafters at Wonder Con in San Francisco. Itís actually a lot like the previous poster, except the design of the alien planet in the background is a bit pronounced, thereís a tagline, and Hal Jordan has a slightly different tilt in his head. The lines of his costume are a bit more pronounced too, something weíll probably get a better look at when Warners releases a high-res version.

UPDATE! As expected Warners has released a high-res version. Click it below for ultra-high-res.

And hereís the previous poster for comparison:

Along with the poster Warner Bros. is showing off tons of toys. Hereís a look at the new Green Lantern goodies Cinema Blendís Eric Eisenberg spotted while walking the Wonder Con floor, in the gallery below.
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