World War Z's Marc Forster Will Head To Mars For Action Thriller Red Rising

By Nick Venable 2014-02-05 14:24:52discussion comments
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World War Z's Marc Forster Will Head To Mars For Action Thriller Red Rising image
Though Marc Forsterís films arenít always perfect, he is a director completely unhinged from specific genres and is capable of making nearly any kind of film imaginable. So I guess itís no surprise that his next project will be of the "young person realizes society is damaged and rises above everyone else to create equality for all" variety. He is attached to direct an adaptation of Pierce Brownís action-centric debut novel Red Rising, which just hit book shelves a week ago. We all know his last book-to-film, World War Z, didnít have anything to do with its source material, but I doubt that will be the case here.

This will be the next project for producers Joe Roth and Palak Patel, both responsible for Oz the Great and Powerful and the upcoming Maleficent, so itís safe to say there will be a lot of CGI scenery floating around the Mars setting of Red Rising. Deadline states two unnamed studios will soon begin negotiations to acquire this film, as it will probably be Forsterís next directorial effort, but that Paramount isnít going to be one of them. Paramount is of course the studio whose World War Z went through a year of production fiascos and terrible buzz on its way to become the 13th most successful film of 2013.

The highly praised novel, which has earned comparisons to The Hunger Games series and Orson Scott Cardís Enderís Game, centers on a character named Darrow, a teen who lives underground on Mars, working with the rest of his lower-tier citizens dubbed Reds. Though he thinks his cause is noble and that heís working to make the Mars surface habitable for future generations, he discovers that the surface has long been the home for the upper class, with giant cities spread out all over the planet.

Darrow then takes it upon himself to compete in the Institute, where the members of the ruling Gold class are sussed out. And he will do anything, including upending his own morals and ideals, to take down societyís superiors. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Because I know you guys were wondering: yes, this is the first book of a proposed trilogy. It has already become one of Amazonís Best Book of the Month for February, and has positive blurbage from nearly every publication out there, so expect those follow-up novels to come in a timely fashion. But then again donít most of these high-concept young adult novels get similar high marks? Here are a few of them in the novelís short trailer.

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