Writer Prepares To Enter The Twilight Zone

By Katey Rich 2009-07-19 21:47:34discussion comments
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Writer Prepares To Enter The Twilight Zone image
Leonardo DiCaprio attaches his name to so many projects that it's hard to know which ones he's taking seriously, and which will sit on a shelf for years before being picked up by someone else or abandoned entirely. But it seems that his plan to make a new Twilight Zone movie is one of the serious ones-- Warner Bros. and DiCaprio's Appian Way have picked Rand Ravich to write the script.

Variety isn't revealing what in the world Ravich will do to make a movie out of the series, whether he'll pick an old story to spin into feature length or whether he'll take it a whole new direction. I guess this is the point where the rumors begin. Anyone have Rand Ravich's number and want to pitch him on a specific episode? He previously wrote and directed the spooky Johnny Depp-Charlize Theron vehicle The Astronaut's Wife, which means he's got some credentials with the supernatural.
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