Writing Team Returns For Roger Rabbit 2

By Tim Gomez 2009-10-31 11:55:34discussion comments
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Writing Team Returns For Roger Rabbit 2 image
Did you know that Roger Rabbit was partially based on a conspiracy theory that claims that General Motors, Firestone Tires, and Standard Oil (among others) teamed together to take down the Los Angeles streetcar transit system and replace it with a bus system? Youíll remember that part of Judge Doomís evil plan was to buy the Red Car Company in a plot to force people to drive on his freeway. Apparently this is widely accepted as a reference to what is now called the Great American streetcar scandal.

So which conspiracy theory do you think Roger Rabbit 2ís just announced writers will take on? Thatís right! Roger Rabbit 2 has writers, and they know the material pretty well! According to MTV, Robert Zemeckis was able to convince the writers of the original Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman, to return to their scripting duties for the sequel. Virtually nothing is known about the storyline, but with the entire original team getting back together and Zemeckisí new talent for 3D animation, itíll be interesting to see what they come up with.

So you have to wonder whether these guys will decide to take on new scandals with this next movie. Perhaps this will be a movie about Japan covering up their dolphin butchering. Or maybe it will be based on those psycho documentaries about how the Bush administration was involved in 9/11. Or it can even be about the theory that Zemeckis knows A Christmas Carol wonít do all that well, so he needs to rebound with something people will actually watch.
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