X-Men: First Class Trailer Screencaps Reveal Xavier's Secret Sex Doll

By Josh Tyler 2011-02-10 16:40:36discussion comments
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X-Men: First Class Trailer Screencaps Reveal Xavier's Secret Sex Doll image
The first real trailer for X-Men: First Class debuted online moments ago and, even if youíve watched it, odds are you havenít seen it. The trailerís filled with all sorts of goodies which fly past the screen so fast they may have flown right under your radar. For instance, did you see Professor Xavierís sex doll? Or maybe youíd like a longer look at January Jones in her underwear. Are Xavier and Magneto about to have a threesome? Thereís a strange undercurrent of sex, sex, sex hidden throughout the trailer, and youíll only spot all the hot mutant action by browsing through our complete gallery of high-res screencaps taken directly from the trailer.

To kick things off, make sure youíve watch the trailer. Iíll see you after with those screencaps:

So did you spot the sex doll? Here it is again in case you missed it:

What about Erik and Charles warming up for a threesome? Hereís that:

Itís not all sex and booze though. For a closer look at everything you just watched in the trailer, with complete descriptions of all the characters depicted, browse through our X-Men: First Class trailer screencap gallery below:
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