Yogi Bear Gets A Ranger Smith

By Josh Tyler 2009-11-30 23:59:34discussion comments
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A few weeks ago when it was announced here that Anna Faris had been cast as the non-animated lead in the new live-actionish movie version of Yogi Bear, I wondered what the hell happened to Ranger Smith. Well here he is! Heís being played by Tom Cavanagh, a guy whoís never been in anything that wasnít utterly forgettable. If you know him at all, maybe itís as the lead in the wholly awful Heather Graham movie Gray Matters in which she victimizes her brother by lezzing out with his wife behind his back.

Some Tom Cavanaghís playing Ranger Smith and he has no particular qualifications other than that he does, rather strangely, actually sort of look like him (I think itís the ears). Well this is the Yogi Bear movie, what the hell did you expect? Robert De Niro already did Rocky & Bullwinkle, heís filled his cartoon movie quota.

In the film, Smith will be the romantic interest of Anna Farisís documentary filmmaker. In the cartoons, he had no discernable libido and existed mainly to serve as a foil for Yogiís picnic basket stealing antics (though sometimes he seemed to warm up to Yogi and become more of a willing cohor). At his most nefarious though, Smith is sort of like a kinder, gentler version of Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit, only without the car. Make that Smokey and the Bandit II.
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