Zoolander 2 Is Still Happening

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-27 18:39:50discussion comments
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A few months ago it sounded like Ben Stiller’s long promised sequel to Zoolander was dead. He made some thinly veiled tweets which seemed to indicate they couldn’t get funding, then went silent on the subject. But then writer Justin Theroux said he was still writing and hadn’t heard they were calling it quits. With good reason. It seems they’re not.

Today Stiller took to Twitter to confirm that unlike Anchorman 2, Zoolander 2 still has life in it. When asked if Zoolander 2 was still happening he confirmed, “Yes. Working on it now with my buddy Justin.” Of course they’ve been “working on it” now in one way or another for years and so far nothing concrete has actually ever come of it. So maybe we shouldn’t take too much comfort from his twitterings. Still, at least they haven’t entirely given up on the film and sent the man who defeated Mugatu to rest in development hell with Ron Burgundy. We may see Ben Stiller’s clueless male model character back on screen yet.
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