Zoolander 2 Stalled At Paramount?

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-24 13:42:39discussion comments
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With Osama dead after being shot in the head, thereís never been a better time for someone out there to greenlight Zoolander 2. After all it was Osama bin Laden who prevented people from seeing the first movie. Ben Stillerís comedy had the woeful misfortune to be the first comedy released after 9/11 and, as youíd expect, no one showed up to see it. It has since found cult success on DVD and Stiller has been working for awhile on a sequel. Right now whether or not we ever see that sequel depends entirely on Paramount, a movie studio which has already passed on Anchorman 2.

So what hope is there for the kids at Derek Zoolanderís School For Kids Who Canít Read Good And Want To Do Other Stuff? Maybe not much.

The Zoolander 2 script has been finished since January and today when Indiewire asked Stiller about it he seemed pretty unsure about what was happening with it. Says Ben, ďWeíre raring to go, not quite sure where the studioís at. Hopefully itíll come together.Ē

So basically, though Paramount has had the script on their desk for months, nothing is being done. I suppose itís good news that they havenít actively said no yet, but they havenít exactly said yes either. Maybe the studio doesnít want to foot the bill for sending Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to Europe. The movie takes place there, with the male model characters now ten years older and trying to find ways to be relevant.

I donít like this movieís chances. Paramount wouldnít spend $40 million to make Anchorman 2, even though Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was a legitimate box office hit. That comedy made $90 million worldwide. Thanks to Osama bin Laden Zoolander only made $60 million in its original run and cost about the same to make. If youíre not going to spend money on Anchorman 2, what hope is there for another Zoolander in that kind of tight-fisted corporate environment? Not much.
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