A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer Explains NPH's Gay Ruse

By Josh Tyler 2011-08-11 01:01:20discussion comments
I havenít been this excited about a Christmas movie since Will Ferrell ate all the free candy he could find in New York City. In Elf Will Ferrell played a character who only seemed like he was stoned, in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas not only is nearly every character baked throughout most of the holiday season, the audience probably will be too.

Thatís not to say you have to be high to enjoy a Harold and Kumar movie, Iíve seen the last two without being under the influence and loved them. This one will be genius, even if youíre living sober, but the 3D element should add an extra attraction for all you stoners. It seems designed mainly to cater to you. Youíll see what I mean when you watch the very first trailer for A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas. Watch it below or in HD on Yahoo.

The list of crimes, both state and federal, committed in this trailer is pretty long. Thatís a good sign when it comes to Harold & Kumar. Better still, thereís plenty of Neil Patrick Harris. Actually the trailerís mostly Neil Patrick Harris which is a little surprising when you consider that heís only really had at best, extended cameos in the previous two films. Granted, he was also the best thing about both of those films, so maybe giving him more to do is the right move.

Theyíve even addressed Neilís homosexuality here, which is surprising, since Harris has always made it clear that the Neil Patrick Harris in these films is just a character with no relation to the NPH that he is. Apparently the whole gay thing was just a ruse. He is gay, just gay for thatÖ you get the idea.
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