American Dr. Parnassus Poster Focuses On Ledger

By Katey Rich 2009-11-09 13:29:31discussion comments
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American Dr. Parnassus Poster Focuses On Ledger image
There are so many visuals captured in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, so many different worlds and characters and costumes, that it would be flat impossible to capture all of them on a single poster. Still, they probably could have tried a little harder than they did with the new American poster, which just debuted over at Slashfilm.

Yes, it's wise to put the focus on Heath Ledger, who is just as vibrant and energetic in his final role in the film as he appears on the poster. And the mirror opening up into a brightly colored world nicely suggests the surreal fairyland that Ledger's character enters (in which he turns into Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell as well). But the poster is also suggesting that there's a romance between Ledger's and Lily Cole's character, which isn't quite right, and also relegates Christopher Plummer and Tom Waits, whose conflict forms the main plot of the film, to the bottom corners.

I guess everyone knows that when they're walking into such an elaborately titled Terry Gilliam movie, wild visuals are what they should expect. I'd still have liked to see more of them on the poster, though. Check out a larger version of what you see above over at Slashfilm and see if you agree.
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