Ang Lee's Life Of Pi Shares Beautiful Mosaic Poster Ahead of NY Premiere

By Sean O'Connell 2012-09-25 15:03:40discussion comments
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Ang Leeís adaptation of Yann Martelís Life of Pi opens the New York Film Festival later this week, meaning that Fox has just a few days left to ramp up its promotional campaign to capitalize on the exposure of a splashy film-fest premiere, setting the stage for the filmís eventual November 21 release date.

Weíve shared a pair of trailers from Leeís work, and they feature some stunning visual images that instantly pale compared to this wonderful international poster Ė a mosaic of images from the film that Iím dying to study in greater detail. Here it is below, courtesy of Facebook (via FirstShowing:

If youíve read Martelís novel, you know the significance of the tiger, who is front and center on this new poster. The story follows a young man named Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) and his journey across the ocean with some strange shipmates. Itís Leeís first film since 2009ís under-appreciated Taking Woodstock, and appears to be a real return to form for the director. The narrative comes with some built-in challenges, and Iím anxious to see how Lee tackles them. Itís going to require a captivating performance by Sharma, unless Leeís able to help him with some cinematic trickery.

Life of Pi, at the moment, has to be considered an Oscar contender given its literary pedigree and Academy familiarity (Lee won Best Director for Brokeback Mountain, a movie that should have topped Crash in the Best Picture race). Weíll know soon after the filmís NYFF bow if it remains an Oscar contender. Stay tuned.
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