Apatow Talks Anchorman Sequel

By Josh Tyler 2008-03-19 16:02:11discussion comments
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Apatow Talks Anchorman Sequel image
Judd Apatow doesn’t do sequels. He’s too busy being original. But if he were to do a sequel, Judd says he’d revisit Ron Burgandy with another look at Anchorman.

Talking to MTV Judd says: “The movie that probably has a best shot at a sequel is ‘Anchorman.’ Ron Burgundy would be hilarious at 70-years-old, being the anchor.” Sounds genius. Unfortunately it sounds like Apatow is willing to wait until the man who plays Ron Burgandy, Will Ferrell is actually 70 to do it. He says: “We all think it would be fun to see him up on his feet again doing what only he can do. That would be awesome – but it could only happen in 30 years.”

By then, we’ll all be much too busy hanging out at Luby’s and going to sleep early to enjoy it. It’s a little something for our grandkids to look forward to. I’d better get to work on that next generation so that Apatow will have enough fans. Now where’s my wife…
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