Behind The Scenes Photos From The Prometheus Set

By Will LeBlanc 2011-07-18 11:27:58discussion comments
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Behind The Scenes Photos From The Prometheus Set image
Details on the exact storyline of Ridley Scottís Prometheus are still being held under very strict lock and key, but Corporal Hicks over at AVPGalaxy has gotten his hands on some photos from the Iceland set. The pics are as non-descript as possible, but there are a few things we can gather from these few images.

First, itís easy to see that there are at least two species of tech. You can see a large panel from what looks to be the derelict space craft from Scottís original Alien film, and in another picture you can see what looks like a much more human piece of machinery, like a joint, or as one AVPGalaxy reader suggests, skids for the Prometheus ship. The mortar pots hint that there will at least be some marginal explosions going on during this Iceland set up, and possibly theyíll have something to do with the damaged piece of human tech. This isnít much to go on, but any news is good news as far as Iím concerned.

Scope out the images below.


Prometheus is Ridley Scott's return to the Alien universe that he so expertly laid the foundation for 32 years ago. With Lost's Damon Lindeloff helping, weíre bound to see not only some great effects, but also so twisty, turny storytelling as well. June 8th, 2012 canít get here soon enough.
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