Cameron Thinks Terminator Has Run Its Course

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-19 00:00:31discussion comments
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Cameron Thinks Terminator Has Run Its Course image
Now that the Terminator franchise in different hands, that likely also means a different direction for Terminator 5, if indeed it happens. Unfortunately, the guy who created the series, a Mr. James Cameron, seems to think itís far too late to save it.

Talking to MTV on the subject of another Terminator, JC had this to say: "From my perspective, it's run its course and I don't know what else to say that hasn't been said. Plus, frankly... the soup's kind of been pissed in a little bit by other filmmakers, so I don't have any personal desire to go back to it."

He then goes on to take a shot at anyone who takes over the franchise saying, "I certainly wouldn't want to be a dog in the manger and disallow my friends from making a little money off it. Why would I do that?" So note to whoever directs Terminator 5, Cameron things youíre just doing it as a cynical, soulless money grab. He of course, would never do that. Have you seen Avatar? High art that one.
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