Captain America Recruits You For This Winter Soldier Super Bowl Ad Teaser

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-31 10:51:51discussion comments
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Yeah, this whole trailer for a commercial thing? Itís gotta stop. As if anyone needed more motivation to tune into the Super Bowl, the most watched program of the year ever year, now we have short segments representing a tease of an advertisement! Good God! In the efforts of being thorough, we present to you this fifteen second snippet of context-less footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in the hopes that you might just catch the full $4 million-plus spot during the game while your Cheeto-stained fingers try to raise the volume over the hooting and hollering pigskin fans surrounding the television like a herd of wild animals.

So, what is this movie? Weíre not going to pretend you donít know, but this tease of a trailer does give us some decent ideas of what to expect as this film begins to firm up itís ad campaign leading up to the April 4th release. As per the title, the Winter Soldier does appear to be the main antagonist, but thereís an awful lot of damage and destruction going on here, which means heís working with someone or something else. The guess is HYDRA, though given that Frank Grillo (unseen in this clip, criminally) is playing SHIELD agent Brock Rumlow, known in the comics as the villainous Crossbones, thereís probably a mole within the organization. Oh snap, get Jack Bauer on the line!

Thereís also some hero shots of Avengers holdovers Black Widow and Nick Fury. While both Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson are probably worrying why neither of them have their own movie at this point (Johansson in particular seems unsuited to be "sidekick" material next to Chris Evans), directors the Russo brothers (who are coming back for part three) know how to make these two look good.

The best part about this footage? Chances are, everyone watching this ad is going to wonder "whoís the dude with the wings?" Thatís a slick shot of the back of Anthony Mackieís wings as Sam Wilson, the Avenger known as The Falcon. Guessing heís been downgraded to SHIELD agent here, but Mackie deserves more than just playing second banana to a bunch of other bigger stars. Did you see him in Runner Runner? He made Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake look like a moonlighting director and an R&B recording artist. It was embarrassing.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues the Marvel saga April 4th.

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