Carla Gugino Added To New Year's Eve

By Mack Rawden 2011-02-16 17:55:25discussion comments
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Carla Gugino Added To New Year's Eve image
All of twenty minutes after I finished reporting Halle Berry was back in New Year’s Eve, we now have confirmed reports she’ll be joined by former Night At The Museum star Carla Gugino. The Watchmen actress already has a pretty full plate of upcoming releases, as next month she’ll be seen reteaming with Zack Snyder for Sucker Punch and this summer, she’ll be seen in Mr. Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carrey.

According to THR, she’ll portray a doctor who will mostly be sharing screen time with Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel. The Gary Marshall-directed romantic comedy follows a gigantic web of characters all sorting out their lives during the last night of the year. I guess you could think of it like Magnolia, but do so at your own peril. It’s very unlikely frogs will fall from the sky in this one.

New Year’s Eve is currently filming in New York City and will likely be ready for a holiday release.
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