Colombiana Blu-Ray Out In Time For The Holidays

By Jessica Grabert 2011-12-01 12:46:14discussion comments
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Colombiana Blu-Ray Out In Time For The Holidays image
Despite Colombiana having one of the worst trailers I have ever seen -- I will be very happy if I never hear the phrase, ďNever forget where you came fromĒ again -- I had my fingers crossed that Colombiana would do well. With Michael Vartan as the second lead, Colombiana was all Zoe Saldanaís show, and in that aspect, she both figuratively and literally kicked ass. However, itís really difficult to make back a $40 million budget when your two leads are only semi-knowns and the writing isnít all there.

Counting the market outside the U.S., Colombiana did make back its money, although that still doesnít mean all that many people saw the film in the States. If you did want to give the revenge-based action film a shot, you wonít have to wait long. Colombiana will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on December 20th. Unfortunately, both the Blu-Ray and DVD sets are sort of lacking in the bonus features department.

If youíve bought a Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-Ray recently, you may have gotten an UltraViolet copy, which allows owners to stream or download the film whenever, wherever. Thatís the big bonus for the Blu-Ray, which will cost a reasonable $35.99, compared to the DVDís $30.99. Both Blu-Ray and DVD copies will also come with a ďmaking ofĒ segment and a featurette called ďCateleyaís Journey.Ē Additionally, Blu-Ray copies will come with several more featurettes, including ďAssassins,Ē ďTraining a Killer,Ē and ďTake The Ride.Ē Overall, Colombiana isnít too expensive and it does come with a few extras. With mobsters, a hot female assassin, and some stuff that blows up, Iím guessing itíll make a good holiday gift, provided there's a teen boy or a man-child in your life.
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