Dwight Yoakam Drops Out Of Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger

By Sean O'Connell 2012-02-20 09:04:38discussion comments
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Dwight Yoakam Drops Out Of Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger image
Sooner or later, Gore Verbinskiís The Lone Ranger will be in movie theaters, and uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his A-list director will be able to look back at all of the pre-production turmoil and Ė we hope Ė have a good laugh. Because trying to keep this train on its track has been a full-time job. The latest hiccup in a bumpy production schedule? Deadline says Dwight Yoakam has exited the cast due to ďa scheduling conflict.Ē

Do they still have Johnny Depp as Tonto? Yes. Is Armie Hammer still locked in for the Lone Ranger role? So far. So in the long run, Lone Rangerís still ready to gallop forward with a late-February start to filming so it can maintain its May 31, 2013 release date.

Deadline does say that Yoakam was set to play one of the major bad guys, which is interesting. Right now, Tom Wilkinsonís still on tap to play Latham Cole, the filmís chief villain. We werenít sure who Yoakam was scheduled to play. Could there be room for more than one adversary in Ted Elliott and Terry Rossioís screenplay? Or was Yoakam just set to play a major component of Coleís villainous squad?

Weíll find out once we learn who Verbinski hires to replace Yoakam, and itís bound to happen soon, as the expensive production itching to start production very, very soon. And I was mildly joking, but itís true that so long as Ranger still has Depp on board and, to a lesser extent, Hammer, the team can stay in the saddle and the film can overcome these continuous hurdles.
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