Emma Watson May Take A Break From College To Spend A Week With Marilyn

By Katey Rich 2010-09-27 10:32:47discussion comments
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Emma Watson May Take A Break From College To Spend A Week With Marilyn image
It's hard to think of a more protracted pop culture farewell than the slow end of the Harry Potter franchise-- though, OK, Oprah's final season may give it a run for its money. With the first installment of the final film hitting theaters in November, Potterheads the world over are well into denial that it's all ending, though the only proof you need is the fact that the cast, after 10 long years, is finally moving on to new roles. Though Emma Watson is presumably plenty busy being a "regular" college student at Brown, she's also taking the time to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe.

Granted, this news comes from British tabloid The Daily Mail, so a grain of salt is always required. But apparently Watson is set to play a wardrobe assistant in the behind-the-scenes film My Week With Marilyn, which documents a young assistant's experience with Monroe during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl in 1956. Eddie Redmayne has been cast as the male lead, with Michelle Williams on board to do her best breathy giggle as Marilyn. Watson's character apparently went on a few dates with central character Colin, and I imagine she's more than a little jealous when a bona fide movie star starts taking up all of his time.

Filming is set to begin in October, with Kenneth Branagh playing Monroe's hostile co-star Laurence Olivier and Dominic Cooper and Judi Dench rounding out the cast. It doesn't sound like this would be the role to redefine Watson as someone more than Hermione, but it's not a bad start, and not bad company to find yourself with. Maybe we can at least start talking about something else besides her super-cute new short haircut.
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