This weekend the world gets a double shot of awesome when Michael Biehn returns to theaters in not one, but two new movies being released all at once. You can catch him pulling a cameo in Take Me Home Tonight but he’s also one of the stars of Bereavement, in limited released on Friday.

In the horror film Alexandra Daddario stars as a 17-year-old Allison who goes to live with her Uncle, played by Michael Biehn, and begins to discover that something’s not quite right at his neighbor’s farmhouse. Decades ago a young boy was kidnapped, held prisoner, and forced to witness unspeakable horrors there and now Allison’s curiosity awakens a hornet’s nest of evil.

We’ve got an exclusive, look at a terrifying scenes from Bereavement for you below. Check it out:

Watch for Bereavement in limited release starting this Friday. For more information on the film visit its page in our Blend Film Database.



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