Exclusive (Untitled) Clip: Vinnie Jones Punches No One

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-02 18:36:09discussion comments
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Iím not sure Iíve ever seen Vinnie Jones in something where heís not punching someone in the head, but, apparently this cat can kind of act. In the new movie (Untitled) he plays a self-absorbed artist who, at least in the CB exclusive clip below, shows no sign of scalping anyone.

Set in the artsy Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, (UNTITLED) tells the story of Adrian Jacobs (Goldberg), a difficult composer of equally difficult music whose sparsely attended performances involve musicians breaking glass and kicking metal buckets. In contrast, Adamís brother, Josh (Bailey), is a commercially successful painter of vapid canvasses that corporate clients snap up by the dozen. But, Adrianís luck appears set to change when Josh brings the stunning Madeleine (Shelton) to one of his concerts. Not only does she embrace his work and ask him to perform at her gallery, she invites him into her bed. As the two embark on a fiery affair, Adrian is introduced to a world of pretentious art collectors, dueling gallerists and eccentric artists, including Ray Barko (Vinnie Jones), whose bizarre creations include chandeliers of stuffed animals and dead cows draped with jewelry.

Check out our exclusive clip from the film below:

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