Get Assaulted By New Clips And Images From 13 Assassins

By Will LeBlanc 2011-04-05 09:13:24discussion comments
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Get Assaulted By New Clips And Images From 13 Assassins image
Anyone keeping up with Takashi Miikeís 13 Assassins should be thoroughly excited at this point. It looks to not only be an impressive take on the world of Feudal Japan, but it also looks like some of Miikeís best work to date. The full trailer gave us a slashtastic look at what to expect from the film, and today, Twitch has a new TV spot and clip from the film while Collider provides us with some awesome stills.

The TV spot is more of the same just edited together more quickly. Lots of slashing, some explosions, and samurai grimacing at their enemy. In the clip we get to focus on one samurai in particular laying waste to a gauntlet of body guards as he tries tirelessly to destroy the evil emperor. Take a look at everything below--larger versions of everything are available at the respective hosting sites--and then head on over to your favorite On Demand provider and order the film. Something tells me itíll be worth it.

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