The Guilt Trip Director Takes On A Nick And Nora-Esque Couple In Murder Mystery

By Nick Venable 2013-09-25 02:54:54discussion comments
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The Guilt Trip Director Takes On A Nick And Nora-Esque Couple In Murder Mystery image
Relationships are hard on an easy day, much less on a day when caught up in a scandal like the one in Murder Mystery, the long-delayed action comedy mystery that was acquired as the second release under the newly-formed TWC-Dimension, which teamed up with Endgame Entertainment for the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Guilt Trip director Anne Fletcher has been hired to direct, which sounds like a safe and not very groundbreaking decision. But Iím jazzed that this flick is gaining ground again, so Iíll withhold most judgment.

Murder Mystery will follow a pair who take the honeymoon cruise they never had as a last ditch effort to save their marriage, unwittingly becoming a part of a murder mystery after one of their cruise mates gets killed. To figure out the murdererís identity, they travel across Europe, and thereís a good chance that trip puts their relationship back in order. This isnít as refreshing as a happy couple, but at least theyíre crossing countries as detectives rather than moping around a Whole Foods.

The screenplay, described as a comedic throwback to Agatha Christie novels, was written by James Vanderbilt, who wrote Zodiac and White House Down, as well as co-writing The Amazing Spider-Man and the upcoming RoboCop reboot. Quality notwithstanding, these movies are all many shades more complicated than anything on Fletcherís resume, which also includes the romantic comedies The Proposal and 27 Dresses.

Hereís where Fletcher can make a difference. She started her filmmaking career with 2006ís Step Up, following a decadeís work in film dancing and choreography, which she kept up with until 2011ís Reel Steel. This will obviously be a more stylized film than anything Fletcher has made since Step Up, and seeing some well-designed foot chases and added movement to dialogue scenes would be key to keeping this fresh.

The film was formerly in the potential hands of Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald and Shakespeare in Love helmer John Madden, and now itís in the hands of Anne Fletcher. Letís all hope the third directorís the charm.

"James' script is absolutely great. It's a modern version of the old ĎNick and Noraí movies... it has it all - suspense, romance, and humor,Ē stated Endgame Entertainmentís James D. Stern. All you really had to say was ďNick and NoraĒ and I was sold. Not that I wasnít when Agatha Christieís name was brought up, but Dashiell Hammettís fictional creations are still one of the most memorable couples of all times. Letís revisit some of their booziest moments below.

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