A Haunted House Sequel Is Coming This Winter

By Kristy Puchko 2013-04-08 13:19:21discussion comments
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Scary Movie 5, the fifth installment of the insanely successful horror comedy franchise, opens in theaters this Friday. But while it boasts appearances from Terry Crews, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan, observant fans will notice there's no sign of the Wayans brothers, who spawned the film series in 2000. However, Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie's co-writer and co-star) hasn't left horror-comedy. Earlier this year in the dismal release month that is January, he unveiled the blandly titled found footage spoof A Haunted House. Predictably, critics hated the comedy. But audiences turned out with enough force to make it the #2 movie at the box office its opening weekend. (#1 was Academy Award Best Picture nominee Zero Dark Thirty.)

Having cost only $2.5 million to make, A Haunted House proved a smashing success in week one with its $18 mil take. By Monday, Wayans was on Access Hollywood Live talking sequel, and now it's official. THR reports Open Road Films has secured distribution rights to A Haunted House 2. The likely low-budget sequel is being fast-tracked, aiming for a summer shoot. The filmmakers are hoping to have A Haunted House 2 out by next winter, possibly hoping to capitalize once more on moviegoers tired of award season fare.

Wayans has reteamed with his A Haunted House co-writer to pen the screenplay. While no details have been released yet about the projects plot, with production slated to begin in just a few months time, we should hear news on casting in short order.

Will you see A Haunted House 2?


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