Human Centipede 2 Details

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-20 16:04:56discussion comments
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Iíve done everything I can to avoid Human Centipede up till now. Iím the kind of guy who doesnít rubberneck when he drives past a car wreck. When someone sends me a YouTube video with the title ďDude you totally have to see this, itís so gross!Ē, Iím the kind of guy who doesnít click. Human Centipede is a movie for the kind of guy who does. Itís torture porn of the highest order, pretty girls being sadisitically tortured, mutilated, and transformed into the most bizarre thing imaginable. Everything you need to know about whatís done to them is pretty much in the title.

A movie about sewing girls together ass to mouth doesnít sounds like the sort of thing that would lend itself to a sequel, but the boys over at Gordon and the Whale talked to the filmís director this morning and he offered up details on his plans for a Human Centipede 2 (The Full Sequence). His plan? This time it a 12 person centipede. Click over to G & W for the full interview. And as long as youíre here check two clips from the first Human Centipede below which donít exactly feature anything gross, but still manage to be pretty sickening:

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