Jason Momoa Says Attachment To Man Of Steel Sequel Is Purely Rumor

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-15 07:15:42discussion comments
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Jason Momoa Says Attachment To Man Of Steel Sequel Is Purely Rumor image
None of us are Jason Momoa, but wouldnít it be great if we were? The sexy, gigantic beefcake owned pretty much all of his scenes on Game Of Thrones, and now that the man formerly known as Khal Drogo is headed to Hollywood, itís only a matter of time until he dominates the marketplace. And in modern Hollywood, that requires less actual acting and starring in movies than it does denying roles in blockbuster films, usually where you play superheroes. So for being linked to the Man Of Steel Sequel, Momoa has certainly made it in this industry.

Unfortunately for this nation of Momoa-heads (this guyís fans need a nickname, stat), heís not currently involved with that film. Speaking to IGN, Momoa lets down Momoans (nailed it) by revealing his attachment to the film is "just rumors. I want to say something amazing, but I canít comment on rumors." He coyly adds, "Itís flattering. [But] Iím not involved in it."

Momoa auditioned for another superhero role, that of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but the part went to Dave Bautista. Later in the interview, Momoa comments about how Guardians is likely what linked him to DCís superpowered 2015 release. In this business, if youíre attached to one superhero movie, youíre attached to all of them.

Which isnít to say he wonít be involved in the film in the future. These casting rumors sometimes come from the desks of producers and executives, way before anyone has actually spoken to the actor in question, and they are forced to address assertions that, yes, someone wants them in their movie. To that end, Momoa was absolutely magnetic in Bullet To The Head as a towering supervillain who absolutely dwarfed co-star Sylvester Stallone in height, musculature and even charisma. You spend the entire movie thinking, why arenít we watching HIM? Heíd be a perfect fit in the DC onscreen universe, particularly in a Zack Snyder film, since the greatest requirement in a Snyder picture is for an actor to learn how to pose, strut and flex.

Momoaís on the promotional trail for The Red Road, the latest in a promising slate of Sundance Channel shows that includes last yearís Rectify and Top Of The Lake. Hopefully this puts him on the path to the A-List, where he can confirm, and not deny, rumors like this. Then again, maybe heís simply refusing to comment that heís attached not to the Man of Steel Sequel but instead to the rumored Justice League film that would follow. Weíre onto you, Jason.

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