John Grisham Digs Into The Vault For Another Movie

By Katey Rich 2009-06-23 12:52:21discussion comments
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John Grisham Digs Into The Vault For Another Movie image
When you're John Grisham and you're cranking out books at a ridiculous rate, you can afford to hold out for a better price. So after 10 years of stonewalling on selling the rights to The Testament, a novel about a family inheritance battle, Grisham has offered them up to 821 Entertainment Group.

According to Variety Grisham will receive six-figures that could turn into even more if the movie gets made and becomes a hit. He'll also get creative input, even though the last movie of his that was a hit, Runaway Jury, came out in 2003. Does the world really need any more John Grisham movies? Probably not. But hey, it's hard times, and if Grisham needs to dig into the vault to scare up some cash, I guess I can only be jealous.
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