Jude Law Goes Bananas In This Red Band Dom Hemingway Trailer

By Nick Venable 2013-12-04 00:22:50discussion comments
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This video should be considered NSFW unless you work with people who donít mind watching a foul-mouthed Jude Law become an ass-kicking maniac. Well done, if you do.

If anyone wondered why Jude Lawís titular character didnít get more speaking time in the first trailer for Richard Shepardís upcoming crime comedy Dom Hemingway, itís because the marketing team probably had to pick and choose the only bits of Hemingwayís dialogue that didnít contain compounding expletives. At least, thatís the impression I get from this trailer, which wears its red band like a condom and penetrates the ears and eyes with breasts, f-bombs and a myriad of other forms of debauchery. Hemingway isnít just the life of the party; heís the whole reason the party exists in the first place.

Law is a hoot as the riotous safecracker, freed after spending 12 years locked up in prison for not ratting on his associates. But now heís back on the streets and is teaming up with his old partner Dickie (Richard E. Grant) to head back to London and receive his retribution by getting back at his former boss, played by Demian Bichir. Because that isnít hard enough, he also wants to reconnect and patch up ties with his daughter Evelyn (Emilia Clarke). But donít tell him heís got too much on his plate, or he might smash that plate upside your silly head.

While I enjoy Law as an actor, his roles arenít usually of the overwhelming variety, and he gets outplayed by the more colorful characters around him, and I really enjoy when he gets to loosen up, as in Guy Ritchieís Sherlock Holmes and its sequel. After I see him in Dom Hemingway, Iím pretty sure Iíll only want him to play this character for the rest of his career.

If Hemingway had a short fuse before he went to jail, that fuse has only gotten more miniscule, and it doesnít look like it will take anything at all to set him off completely, as when he goes off on that hilariously uncomfortable rant about receiving his ticker tape parade and all of the amenities that are owed to him. Who in their right might would possibly let this man get his nostrils around cocaine? Itís frightening.

Youíll be able to catch all of the face-pounding action Ė plus some good olí topless ping pong Ė when Dom Hemingway hits theaters on April 4, 2014. For a (mostly) fully-clothed, profanity-free trailer, watch the video below.

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