Matt Damon Brings John Krasinski Aboard For His Directorial Debut

By Mack Rawden 2011-06-08 16:09:46discussion comments
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Matt Damon Brings John Krasinski Aboard For His Directorial Debut image
Matt Damon has been talking about directing for years. The Oscar-winning screenwriter and Oscar-nominated actor certainly has the resume to try his hand. In fact, Iím sure every major studio would jump at the chance to give him his big break, but until now, the right opportunity hasnít emerged. That all changed last month when Warner Brothers bought Father Daughter Time: A Tale Of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses. Matthew Aldrichís script hasnít yet been completed, but its premise follows a father daughter bandit team that bonds during an extended road trip of crime.

Speaking before the American Institute For Stuttering Benefit Gala, Damon was very coy when with New York Mag, but he did offer up a couple of interesting tidbits about his directorial debut. First, itís going to start filming during the first quarter of next year, and second, it stars John Krasinski. At a glance, that seems like the only pertinent information needed, but the thing is, Damon has never officially confirmed Father Daughter Time is going to be that aforementioned directorial debut. Thatís the buzz on the street, but for all we know, he could just be acting in it, making this other flick some random film none of us have considered. Unlikely but still possible.

Either way, itís about damn time Matt Damon got into the directorís chair. Most great actors donít make very good directors. Itís like sports. Most of the all-time great coaches were just above-average when they played, but now and again, a true master comes along thatís wonderful at both. Think Clint Eastwood. Think Lenny Wilkens. Think Robert Redford. Damon probably doesnít belong in that camp like his buddy Ben Affleck (whoís now 2/2 in making very good movies), but thereís no way of knowing until he tries. I applaud the effort, and apparently, so does John Krasinski.
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