Megan Fox And Zoe Saldana Teaming Up For Action-Heist Film Swindle

By Katey Rich 2012-03-16 08:15:41discussion comments
Megan Fox And Zoe Saldana Teaming Up For Action-Heist Film Swindle image
Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana-- both gorgeous, both veterans of giant action movies, both not necessarily appreciated as much for their talents as their looks. They've both done a pretty good job navigating out of that trap, though, Fox taking on a role in the recent indie Friends With Kids, and Saldana providing a little extra spark with what could be thankless roles in the likes of Avatar and Star Trek. And now the two actresses are truly taking matters into their own hands-- Deadline Paramount has acquired the action-heist spec script Swindle as a vehicle for Saldana and Fox, who will also produce alongside Michael de Luca.

Based on the title alone we can assume they'll be playing thieves or con women of some kind, but really the sky's the limit, especially if there's a comedy element at play-- say what you will, but both of them can be really, really funny when given a chance. And it's especially gratifying to see them taking on producer roles, guaranteeing that, say, Fox can't be fired when she says mean things about the director-- who has yet to be hired, of course, but you can pretty much count on Michael Bay not doing it. Apparently the project came together because Fox and Saldana wanted to work on something together, not because Paramount saw the opportunity to mentally incapacitate the male moviegoing public by putting two hot women together.

The women are doing it for themselves! What's not to like about that, right? Of course, when Saldana took maters into her own hands and starred in the action vehicle Colombiana it didn't turn out that well. But while we continue knowing virtually nothing about Swindle, why not assume it will be great?
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